Claremont school sets up free books boxes; encourages families to read over summer

A Claremont school wants to make sure those in the area are always within just one block of a book.
C.S. 55 Principal Luis Torres says he wants to make sure kids and the community are learning during summer break.
Two free book bins will be placed inside the school, and four on each corner of the block the school sits on at Saint Paul’s Place.
Torres says there will be no shortage of learning opportunities thanks to the book bins.
The C.S. 55 book exchange has been happening for three years, and this is the first time it will go all year-round.
The goal is that people will pick up and drop off books regularly, News 12 is told.
The kids involved who help fill the boxes when they are empty say reading is important for everyone, not just those in school.
Torres says that more than 10,000 books have been given away over the past three years.