Closing arguments pushed to Monday in murder trial over 2017 slaying of 16-year-old

The wait for justice continues for the family of Sincear Williams, the 16-year-old who was fatally shot outside of a sweet 16 party back in 2017. 
Closing arguments in the murder trial, set to begin today, have now been pushed to Monday. News 12 spoke to the victim’s mother outside the Bronx County Hall of Justice today. 
"I'm exhausted, I'm drained mentally, my heart is broken,” says Stephanie Garcia, Sincear William’s mother. 
The mother of the late 16-year-old says she’s been to every court date in the nearly four years since Kameron Wallace was charged and says it's hard seeing the defendant in court. 
"For me, my son is not coming back, he can't come back, it's over for me, but maybe we could save somebody else's child," says Garcia. 
Today the court met briefly but then recessed until Monday for closing arguments, after which point the second-degree murder case will be in the jury’s hands. 
Kameron Wallace is accused of fatally shooting Sincear Williams on December 28, 2017, outside of Maestro’s Catering Hall in the Bronx during a sweet 16 party. Wallace is accused of opening fire and shooting Williams in the neck, sending him to the hospital where later he was pronounced deceased. 
Williams’ mother wants him to be remembered as a good son. 
"He was so respectful and humble and he loved me and his family so much," says Garcia.
Closing arguments are set to begin Monday at 9:30 a.m.