Cloudy, blustery and sinking temperatures in 40s for New York City

News 12 Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Hope Osemwenkhae says it's a colder feel tonight and it gets even colder midweek. The big weekend warm-up comes with a potentially big storm.
Tonight: Mostly cloudy and cold. Lows near 37.
Wednesday: Partly sunny and colder. Highs near 41. Lows near 29.
Thursday: Sun and clouds, cold and breezy. Feel-like temps in the 20s/30s. Flurries possible. Highs near 39. Lows near 35. 
Friday: Mostly sunny and cool. Highs near 50. Lows near 43.
Saturday: Partly sunny, milder and pleasant. Highs near 55. Lows near 44.
Sunday: Mostly cloudy, milder, windy. Chance of PM showers/storms. Highs near 59. Lows near 43.
Monday: Chance of AM showers. Mostly sunny and cooler. Highs near 49. Lows near 37.