Cobble Hill couple whips up pandemic baking hobby into French bakery business

A hobby became a lucrative business for a Cobble Hill couple who turned their croissants into cash.
The two-person cottage bakery, which started in an apartment, will be moving to a retail space in the fall.
Longing for a slice of home, Gautier Coiffard and his wife Ashley started baking during the pandemic.
"He was missing French bread like he used to eat back in the day when he lived in France," Ashley Coiffard explains.
It was a new experience for the engineer by day.
"I always liked cooking but not necessarily baking and yeah... No ,it was a challenge for me to make bread the way I like it and then some other people liked it," Gautier Coiffard recalls.
The bread was so well received that the couple decided to turn it into a side hustle, whipping up not just bread, but croissants and other pastries with the hopes of paying for their upcoming nuptials.
"We ended up paying for the whole wedding with the money that we made from croissants," Ashley Coiffard says.
Demand for the French baked goods grew, and they realized it was time to open a brick-and-mortar shop aptly named after the place where it all began -- L'Apartement 4F, after the place where Gautier Coiffard says it all began -- apartment 4F.
With a number of empty storefronts on Montague Street, the couple says the Brooklyn Heights Association reached out to them about a storefront because they believe the block really needs a bakery.
"They asked if we were looking for a space. Just a week before we decided it was time to move to a retail space, so we walked on Montague Street with them, and this is the one space we had a really good feeling about," Ashley Coiffard says.
The space will allow customers to watch the handcrafted batches of bread and sweets being made with room to take a seat.
Gautier and Ashley Coiffard are aiming to open the bakery by mid-November.