STORM WATCH: Heavy rain, gusty winds moving in for part of weekend

News 12 Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Hope Osemwenkhae says to expect clearer skies and slightly warmer weather to stick around on Saturday before showers arrive Sunday night.
Tonight: Partly cloudy and chilly. Lows near 44.
Saturday: (PICK OF THE WEEK) Partly sunny, milder and comfortable. Highs near 55. Lows near 48.
Sunday: STORM WATCH Mostly cloudy, and milder. Windswept showers/storms. Highs near 61. Lows near 44.
Monday: STORM WATCH Rain and gusty winds in the morning. Gradual improvement, colder and breezy. Highs near 47. Lows near 33. 
Tuesday: Brighter, colder and less breezy. Highs near 45. Lows near 36.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny with a chilly breeze. Highs near 45. Lows near 34.
Thursday: Mostly sunny and chilly. Highs near 44. Lows near 34.