Dangerous heat continues today in the Bronx for the first day of summer

Combating the ‘summer slump’ at New York City libraries

To get a free book in this week’s giveaway, scroll down to find the list of participating libraries.

Noelle Lilley

Jun 5, 2024, 2:30 AM

Updated 15 days ago


Since at least the 1980s, educators have indicated that during the summer break, students often lose some of what they learned during the school year. It’s a term that’s been coined as the “summer slump” or the “summer slide.” Each year, New York City libraries aim to fill in that gap and this year, the three major branches are teaming up for “Summer at the Library.”
Sixth graders from I.S. 254 spent the school day at the Bronx Library Center to kick off summer programming at the Brooklyn Public Library, Queens Public Library, and the New York Public Library. This summer, there will be a wide range of activities made with kids in mind from selfie stations to reading with therapy dogs. Additionally, thanks to a donation from the New York Life Foundation, select library locations will give away more than 15,000 books for free.
“It’s a well-researched phenomena that kids, if they're not actively engaged throughout the summer, they can lose up to three [or] even more months of learning from the year and they’re going to spend the next year catching up.” said, Chief Librarian of the New York Public Library, Brian Bannon.
To keep your kids engaged over the summer vacation, experts recommend that parents let them pick what they read rather than choose for them, make time for "smart play" like puzzles and word games, and get outside by visiting a place of learning like the library or a museum.
To get a free book in this week’s giveaway, check out the following libraries:
Brooklyn Giveaway
• Thursday, June 6 at New Lots Library
• Friday, June 7 at Brighton Beach Library
• Saturday, June 8 at Sunset Park Library
Bronx Giveaway
• Saturday, June 8 at Bronx Book Fair in Fordham Plaza

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