Community Board 1 votes down proposal to open borough-based jails

Community Board 1 voted against the mayor's office proposal to open four jails in New York City, including one that would be built in Mott Haven.
The mayor's proposal outlines plans for jails to open in all boroughs except for Staten Island, replacing Rikers Island within the next 10 years.
Without the support of the community board, City Council could be more likely to vote down the mayor's proposal. Community Board 1 member Arline Parks says the plan would "basically entrench that community -- drugs, crime and violence and poverty forever."
Darren Mack, of the Close Rikers Campaign, says, "The real issue that people need to be concerned about is the human rights crisis on Rikers Island ... this is the fastest plan forward to closing Rikers."
Despite high emotion in the room surrounding the vote, the ultimate decision will be made at the City Council level. That vote is expected this fall.