Community Board 11 votes to consider removal of two of highest-ranking members

Two longstanding members of Community Board 11 are now at risk of being stripped from their positions after the board voted to consider the removal of them from their positions.  
Bernadette Ferrara, who serves as the chair, and Al D’Angelo, the current vice chair, are now both at risk of being removed from their positions. The 24-11 and 24-10 votes for Ferrara and D’Angelo, respectively, were made during a closed-door executive session on Thursday.  
Ferrara was put on the hot seat after board members claimed she neglected her role as a leader.  
“I find this very disheartening that some new members that have only been a few months on the board, few months, can be receiving such judgement without even understanding who the people are that you are discussing,” said Ferrara.  
The decision for D’Angelo came after a controversial op-ed he wrote in the Bronx Times as president of the Morris Park Community Association back in April, with some board members saying the column was offensive and demeaned Black people.  
Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson, who oversees the board, has described the current board as dysfunctional and distracted from the community’s needs.  
A committee will be formed to investigate the removal, and both D’Angelo and Ferrara will receive a chance to respond before a vote is held by the full board.