Community rallies against closure of Bronx Social Center in Morrisania

A gathering space in Morrisania is now closed, in what some members are calling an act of political retribution.
However, the non-profit in charge of the location says it's closed because it was breaking the rules.
Members of the Bronx Social Center rallied Thursday as they moved out of the basement room they occupied for the last four years at 970 Prospect Ave.
"We may not have a space, nonprofits are in bed with a lot of the politicians and because we speak freely about a lot of the corruption that's going on, we're probably not going to get a space because we can't afford a space. We're not a nonprofit, we don't take funds,” says Lisa Ortega, a Bronx Social Center member.
The group that runs the space, Banana Kelly Community Improvement Association, says it closed the center because of tenant complaints about late night parties and damage to the room.
Those who used the space, among them members of "Take back the Bronx," argue they're being punished because of their vocal opposition to rezone Southern Boulevard.
“They were having parties and the tenants were complaining, they were putting us at risk liability-wise because we didn't know who these people were who were using the space. The space was left open, if it was used and equipment was stolen," says Ortega.
Banana Kelly Advisers say they are unsure what the space will be used for moving forward.