'Community Wardrobe' clothes families in need

A store of sorts called the "Community Wardrobe" is in need of a new space to give out donated clothing to those in need.
The initiative is run by the Horsemen PTA in Sleepy Hollow and started back in 2020, months into the pandemic as many places that accepted donated clothing closed their doors.
"We came up with the idea that we would start to collect clothing and make it readily available for families," said Elissa Smith, vice president of the Horsemen PTA. "It's amazing to see people rally together and donate and really try and help."
At first, the focus was to cloth students and families in Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow schools where 50% of students are on free or reduced lunch and 60% of the district  is Hispanic, many speaking only Spanish.
"This is our community, we live here there is a sense of responsibility to help each other," said Sophia Rana, president of the Horsemen PTA.
The PTA has expanded to help anyone in need in the community including refugees from Venezuela and Ukraine.
They also stepped in following a devastating fire in Sleepy Hollow in March 2022 that left 30 people homeless.
"It was a very large house multiple families were affected and as a result of the clothing that we have we were able to help quite a few families," said Smith.
The organization is currently housed at the Shames Jewish Community Center in Tarrytown but is now in need of a new space because the room that they occupy, is to be renovated and used by the JCC.
"We need a space to house us, if anybody has leads on that we would be very grateful," said Rana.
The PTA is currently accepting donations and said warm coats and snow pants for all ages and of all sizes are needed most.
The Community Wardrobe will be hosting its next shopping days for anyone who needs clothing beginning Friday November 4th.
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