Commuters, city leaders call for cancellation of proposed MTA fare hike

People rallied outside the MTA headquarters calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to cancel a proposed fare hike for city transportation.

News 12 Staff

Jan 19, 2021, 11:06 PM

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People rallied outside the MTA headquarters Tuesday calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to cancel a proposed fare hike for city transportation.
The MTA chairman announced the postponement of Thursday’s proposed fare hike, but community officials say more needs to be done.
They are asking for a cancellation to the fare hike all together, for subways to be reopened completely for 24/7 service and for the city to find a new progressive source of revenue to address the financial needs of the MTA.
One of those potential sources of income could come from the “Invest In Our New York Act,” which would tax wealthier residents instead of putting the burden on essential workers who they say rely on affordable subway service.
“Postponing a fare hike is very different from canceling a fare hike,” says Organizing Manager of the Rider’s Alliance Stephanie Burgos-Veras. “In two to three months, people’s financial situations will not magically get better. The way forward is not just to postpone it for a month or two and push it under the rug and then raise the fare on people, but instead to cancel the fare hike.”
The MTA is expected to revisit the fare hike in a few months.
The MTA responded with a statement saying, “As the advocates know, the fare increase has been postponed for the time being and the overnight shutdown remains in place as we battle the deadliest pandemic in a century. We’re laser-focused on our customers’ and colleagues’ health and safety, which is why we have undertaken an aggressive disinfecting program that is supported by more than 75% of our customers. We’re focused on results and we’ll leave the theatrics to the advocates.”

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