Concourse Village tenants take landlord to court over poor conditions

A group of residents in Concourse Village are taking their landlord to court over poor conditions of their living space.

Twenty-five tenants of the apartment building on Carroll Place took their landlord, Yechiel Weinberger, to housing court Wednesday morning.

Claristine Gardener has been a resident of the apartment for over 30 years. She says the main problem is with the plumbing of the building, which the landlord hasn't properly fixed after being notified.

Tenant Gloria Gil says she has dealt with leaks, uneven floors, faulty locks and mold in the apartment she's also lived in for over 30 years. She says her demands for changes have gone unanswered.

"They say they come one day, they tell you to be home. Then we be home, they never come, they never show up. They always come up with some new excuse," says Gil.

During Wednesday morning's proceedings, attorneys for the tenants and the landlord say they agreed to get fixes done by their next court date, March 18.

By mid-afternoon the same day, contractors came to rip out Gil's bathroom to get rid of the mold. Gil says she hopes it will bring some relief for her asthmatic sons and nephew, but she's not holding her breath.
"I hope they finish on time like how they say they're going to finish," says Gil.