Councilman provides food pantry funds for workers affected by shutdown

A Bronx councilman is reaching out to furloughed workers to help keep food on their tables as the government shutdown continues in its fourth week.
Councilman Ritchie Torres presented a $25,000 check to the Bronx Parent Housing Network to open a new food pantry for furloughed workers Friday.
Victor Rivera says he reached out to the councilman's office to start a food bank after a Bronx dad with only $10 in his pocket had to decide between buying gas or groceries.
"I was shocked a federal employee that protects our waterways to make sure New Yorkers have clean water doesn't have food and food for himself and his family," says Rivera.
City officials estimate about 50,000 New Yorkers are directly affected by the shutdown that is now the longest in U.S. history.