Councilman Salamanca hand-delivers supplies for Puerto Rico recovery efforts

Councilman Rafael Salamanca Jr. is among the New Yorkers working to help people in Puerto Rico following multiple earthquakes there about a month ago.
Puerto Rican residents have lost their homes and fear that another earthquake may strike. They have asked for nonperishable food and water.
"They also asked that the city of New York send inspectors to inspect the homes, inspect the schools and the bridges," said Salamanca Jr.
Salamanca Jr. collected items and even hand-delivered the supplies himself. "The people in Puerto Rico were extremely thankful to see that individuals in New York really cared," said Salamanca Jr.
With the mayor's help, they were able to send over inspectors to evaluate the buildings, as well as mental health professionals. However, there is still much to get done.
Salamanca Jr. says his plan is to continue to monitor the situation so that he can provide help in the future. "People here in the South Bronx who are Puerto Rican understand that we have their back, and it's important that Puerto Rico knows the borough of the Bronx has their back as well," said Salamanca Jr.