Crumbling sidewalks create hazards for pedestrians

Crumbling sidewalks in Mount Eden have residents demanding change.

Josefa Torres says she fell near a tree that is elevating the sidewalk on Walton Avenue. Some residents say the sidewalk is dangerous and that it’s easy to trip on.
It’s not just the tree that’s causing issues for residents. News 12 was told the roots of trees along Mount Eden Parkway are also starting to lift up the sidewalks.

Community activist Sidney Flores put up safety cones and caution tape around the Walton Avenue tree, which he says has lifted the sidewalk now for years.

“This is a day care center for children and you have a church next store, and this is a trip hazard for the elderly people, for the children,” he says.

News 12 reached out to the Department of Transportation, which is in charge of fixing issues like broken sidewalks, to see what their plan is.  It said that the “DOT will inspect and make this location safe. The property already has a notice of violation, and the owner is liable and responsible for this sidewalk."