Current, former mayor’s office employees protest against de Blasio’s handling of George Floyd protests, NYPD

A protest was held by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s own staff members Monday.
Hundreds of current or former employees of the mayor's office marched from City Hall to Cadman Plaza Park.
They say they are outraged at how Mayor de Blasio has handled the George Floyd protests in New York City.
The group is angry that the mayor has not criticized the NYPD for how they've dealt with protesters. They're accusing police of misconduct and escalating incidents. They also believe the mayor was wrong for putting a curfew in place.
They are now putting pressure on the mayor and have several demands. Among them is that they want the NYPD's budget reduced by a $1 billion in 2021 and want that money to go to social services.
They're also demanding any NYPD officer who has used excessive force or hidden their badge numbers at the protests to be fired. The protesters are calling for the change the mayor promised when he was elected.
They will be holding a vigil at Cadman Plaza Park, and say they will continue to speak out until they see changes.