Demonstrators call for answers 10 months after death of off-duty state correction officer

News 12 reached out to the medical examiner's office for Eden Spink's cause of death and has not heard back yet.

News 12 Staff

Oct 28, 2021, 2:45 AM

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Demonstrators rang the alarm outside of the 67th Precinct, saying the NYPD has not provided them with answers 10 months after the death of off-duty state correction officer Eden Spinks.
They say a sloppy investigation and radio silence from the NYPD has left them with few answers.
Police say Eden Spinks was found in a car earlier this year with a gunshot wound to the head. Spinks' family says there's more to the story.
"We haven’t gotten any answers, NYPD did drop the ball. We believe as though we gave them enough evidence that they refuse to look into it. We would like answers to know what happened that night," said Shermika Maharaj, the sister of Spinks.
As News 12 previously reported, family members say that on the night of the incident they were told by the police department that Spinks' death was a suicide.
This is information they say they will not accept.
Police confirmed with News 12 that a 25-year-old woman was at the scene on Lenox Road that night, earlier this year.
Family members tell News 12 they believe to have information that proved there is more to the story of how Eden Spinks died, but that with little dialogue with investigators they feel pushed aside.
"We’re saying police departments should not cover up. If they so much saying what transpired happened, then why not meet with the family. You're covering up something. They need answers," said activist Kevin McCall.
"Ten months ago, they dropped the ball when they could have picked the ball up and actually helped the family. With all these months that have gone by and little to no information has transpired… it’s giving us more of a reason to keep that fire underneath them," said Joseph Griffith, a friend of Spinks.
McCall tells News 12 that the district attorney, Eric Gonzalez, has agreed to meet with the family to open an investigation for further review.
News 12 reached out to the medical examiner's office for Eden Spink's cause of death and has not heard back yet.

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