Severe thunderstorm watch in effect for Bronx through this evening.

Department of Sanitation asks New Yorkers to stick together ahead of this winter's snow

The DSNY has been preparing this fall for the worst-case scenario winter conditions so that it's ready to brine, salt and plow the streets when more than 2 inches of snow falls.

News 12 Staff

Oct 21, 2021, 9:35 PM

Updated 999 days ago


As the weather begins to get colder, it’s time to start thinking about snow. 
The Department of Sanitation on Thursday walked News 12 through their plows and prep for this winter. 
The Department of Sanitation has 300,000 tons of salt on hand for this snow season, with contracts set for another 600,000 tons if needed. 
The DSNY has been preparing this fall for the worst-case scenario winter conditions so that it's ready to brine, salt and plow the streets when more than 2 inches of snow falls. 
The DSNY says an added challenge again this year is outdoor dining. However, the department has been driving the routes and. practicing this fall to map out how to navigate narrow roads and structures - adding in smaller machines for snow removal when needed. 
The department wants New Yorkers to know that roadway dining may be suspended if conditions are bad enough. Most of all, DSNY wants New Yorkers to stick together this winter. 
"Remember that as we recover, the best thing that we do as a city in the recovery of any kind is we look out for one another,” said DSNY Commissioner Edward Grayson.
They also said that if you’re shoveling snow to not put it back into the bike lanes or block the crosswalks and catch basins.

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