Dept. of Probation launches rap sheet review project

The New York City Department of Probation is offering help to New Yorkers who are struggling because of errors on their criminal records.
Philip Czerwczak, 25, is on probation for a crime he committed in 2012. Czerwczak says despite having a record, he still has high aspirations.
"My dream is to open my own business one day," says Czerwczak. 
That's why Czerwczak is one of a number of residents across the five boroughs attending a workshop called Rap Sheet Review Project. Probation officials say a number of New Yorkers don't even know what is on their rap sheet and sometimes there are mistakes.
The workshops aim to help residents learn their rights, find out what's on their records and show them what to do if there are errors.
"We are going to give them information on how to get the stuff cleared or possibly sealed," says Randy Williams, of the New York City Department of Probation. "People can normally have this process done through an attorney, which can cost them upwards of $2,500."  
Czerwczak says he hopes what he learns at the workshop will help him achieve his future goals.