Disease expert reportedly receives envelope with white powder at Montebello home

A disease expert reportedly received an envelope with white powder at his Montebello home.
A number of agencies responded to the home on Viola Road, including the Nyack Fire Department and Rockland County Hazmat Team.
The home belongs to Peter Daszak, president of EcoHealth Alliance, a nonprofit non-governmental organization that conducts global health research.
Daszak is an expert on disease ecology. His work includes identifying the bat origin of SARS, and his current work includes searching for a COVID-19 cure.
On Tuesday night, emergency crews responded to investigate reports of an envelope with white powder at his home.
When News 12 knocked on Daszak’s door, he declined to speak. News 12 then began speaking with a neighbor when the doctor emerged from his home and got physical with our photographer and his camera, not realizing News 12 was still rolling.
Town of Ramapo police say the FBI is handling the matter. The FBI would only confirm they assisted the hazmat team on scene.
There is also no word on why the scientist may have been the target.
Police tell News 12 that there is no danger to the public.