Doctor says to keep safety in mind while outdoors during hot weather

Health experts remind that it’s important to keep safety in mind when headed outdoors during intense heat like we've seen this week.
Dr. Andrew Patane, of NYU Langone Huntington Medical Group, says it's crucial to take the heat seriously.
“The more extended exposure to this environmental heat, the greater the risk that you can develop heat exhaustion,” he says. “So as the days go on, people should be more careful and not more complacent and take it for granted.”
Seniors are especially vulnerable in this kind of weather, especially those who may not have anyone around to check in on them.
Case managers at the Family and Children's Association say they check in daily with specific clients during extreme weather.
“We have a list of our most vulnerable clients. Our case managers contact them and remind them to hydrate and to make sure they use their air conditioners— some seniors don't like to use their air conditioners because of the cost of the electric bill,” says Lisa Stern, of the Family and Children's Association.
While this week's streak of intense heat is coming to a close, more high temperatures are likely throughout the summer on Long Island.