Donated supplies shipped off to Haiti in wake of earthquake

It’s been nearly three months since a 7.2 magnitude earthquake devastated Haiti, killing many and leaving others without shelter. The NYPD and city leaders are pitching in to provide some relief to Haitians in need. 
City officials and NYPD members gathered at the Redhook Container Terminal on Monday to send off nearly 100 tons of supplies donated by local businesses owners in New York City to those recovering from the horrific earthquake that struck Haiti in August. 
Chief Claude Celestine of the NYPD, who is president of the Haitian American Law Enforcement Fraternal Organization, says the community is still full of hope. 
"We have reason to hope because love, kindness, generosity, resilience will always prevail over any kind of disaster,” said Claude. 
Celestine was born and raised in Haiti but says he feels privileged to have migrated to the United States. 
"Opportunities that many of my Haitian people do not have. Opportunities that become even more limited in Haiti after the country has been hit with so many natural disasters,” said Celestine. 
The 11 shipping containers filled with things like non-perishable items, formula and diapers are expected to be in the hands of the Haitian community suffering the aftermath of the earthquake in about five days.