DOT proposes 2-way protected bike lane along Emmons Ave in Sheepshead Bay

DOT says parking would not be impacted by the project.

News 12 Staff

Nov 5, 2021, 11:47 PM

Updated 990 days ago


A bike lane proposal is up for debate in Sheepshead Bay. 
The New York City Department of Transportation is proposing a two-way protected bike lane along Emmons Avenue in an area they say is a high crash corridor. 
The head of Community Board 15 says the plan ignores the desires of residents. 
“This is southern Brooklyn. We're car-centric, there are very few people in this surrounding area that hop on a bike and go to work,’ says Theresa Scavo, head of Community Board 15. 
Bike rider Brian Hedden of Bike South Brooklyn says right now there is no east-west corridor for bicyclists - but that if they build it, they will come.  
“The biking infrastructure doesn't exist. You'll see people biking in this area, but you'll often see them up on the sidewalk,” says Hedden. 
Scavo claims that the plan doesn’t account for nearby fishing boats that often have to load equipment. 
DOT says parking would not be impacted by the project. 
As of now, there’s no timeline. Scavo says all but one member of the community board disapproves.

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