Downtown Brooklyn's New York Transit Museum reopens

Take a train back in time at the New York Transit Museum, a Downtown Brooklyn institution that has been closed for more than a year during the pandemic but now it's back open.
"We are back, and we are elated to be back. It was a very long closure. We were closed for about 17 months," says Concetta Bencivenga, director of New York Transit Museum.
The New York Transit Museum was in no rush to reopen. Staff wanted to make sure they could keep staff and guests safe.
"Get a slot, get a ticket. Bring your mask, bring your vaccination proof to please come visit with us."
It's like going through a portal to years past.
"We have over 100 years of a vintage fleet for you to explore and walk through and sit in," Bencivenga explains.
One exhibit below ground features a 1936 decommissioned IND subway station. This exhibit has been up since February 2020, but it's new to visitors due to the museum's closing.
"It tells the story of these two incredible photographers that photographed the construction of the New York City subway system."
The museum is only open Fridays through Saturdays and Sundays for now.