Dozens displaced after Mount Eden fire that led to brawl

Dozens displaced after Mount Eden fire that led to brawl

Dozens of residents have been displaced after a fire ripped through a Grand Concourse building Tuesday afternoon sending some firefighters to the hospital.
Dozens had no choice but to find another place to stay after their apartment suffered major damage.

A second-floor tenant tells News 12 they were left to deal with water damage throughout his apartment. 
Residents were forced to evacuate Tuesday night as firefighters worked to quickly put out the fire burning on the sixth floor. 

The fire wasn't the only thing that happened however, News 12 is told tensions ran high between some residents and the police. 

As the building burned above, News 12 is told officers were trying to keep crowds back, but some residents refused to move. 

Video shows the chaotic brawl as a mother and son were arrested after authorities say one threw an officer’s body camera on the floor. Both have been charged with disorderly conduct and criminal mischief among other charges. 
As of now fire marshals are still investigating the cause.
Some residents believe a tenant left something on the stove causing the fire to erupt.
No one was seriously hurt.