East End: Greenport Village Blacksmith

With its restaurants, pubs and quaint shops, downtown Greenport is a great place to visit. It also has something you may not even know existed - a blacksmith shop.
Talk about essential workers. Back in the day, blacksmiths were right near the top of that list. A blacksmith had to be in every community, and most communities had multiple blacksmiths.
Since there's little demand for wagon wheels or plowshares these days, he does decorative and novelty items. Some popular items include bottle openers.
The shop is at the same location where Greenport legend Paul Nossolik worked for 60 years as the village blacksmith. He retired in 1987 at the age of 90 and left behind an amazing legacy.
The blacksmith shop is run by the nonprofit East End Seaport Museum and is open to the public.
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