Elected officials put pressure on MTA, demand elevator at Parkchester train station

City officials are putting pressure on the MTA, demanding the agency use money from its capital plan to build an elevator at the Parkchester train station. 
The campaign is not a new one for Sen. Luis Sepulveda, who says he has been fighting to get an elevator at the station for the past nine years. 
Sen. Sepulveda joined forces with Assemblymember Karines Reyes, along with riders, 
to urge the governor and the MTA to allocate capital funds for an elevator.
The stop is only accessible by stairs, which makes it difficult for seniors and people with disabilities to use the stop.
The MTA recently released a capital plan for the next four years, in which it states $51.5 billion worth of investments will go toward the city's mass transit system. Of, that money $5.2 million is expected to make 70 subway stations around the city ADA-compliant.
The city officials want the Parkchester station to be on their top priority, especially since they say the stop is one of the busiest in the Bronx.  
In 2011, the stop was renovated but an elevator was not on the list.