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Election 2022: Max Rose vies to take back his seat in NY-11

Democrat Max Rose is not going out without a fight – hoping to make a comeback in New York's 11th Congressional District.

News 12 Staff

Nov 5, 2022, 12:27 AM

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Democrat Max Rose is not going out without a fight – hoping to make a comeback in New York's 11th Congressional District.
He was elected to the seat in 2018 but lost to Republican Nicole Malliotakis in 2020.
“The race is neck and neck. It's always been an incredibly competitive seat,” he told News 12’s Phil Taitt. “But the seat, at its core though – it’s not a Democrat seat. It's not a Republican seat. It's not an independent seat. It's a patriotic district. A district that loves this country.”

On gas prices:

“People are feeling the pain at the gas pump. Let's go after big oil that's price gauging people. It's unfortunate my opponent voted against consequences for price gauging by big oil. Let's go after that. People are spending more on health care each and every day.”

On public safety:

“We have got to make sure people live in safe communities. That law enforcement is adequately funded. That our laws are on the side of that, especially bail reform. We need judicial discretion added in too so judges can make the right decision in accordance to public safety.”

On gun violence:

“Many of those guns are streaming into our city up what's called the iron pipeline. They are coming from down south, all too often from states with really lax gun laws which allows secondhand gun sales with no background checks.”

On asylum seekers:

“We have to make sure our courts, our asylum courts are adequately funded. Under no circumstances should it take years for [an] asylum court proceeding to reach its conclusion. All the while, they are in America in purgatory for all intense purposes.”

On abortion:

“Let me just clarify what New York state law says. It allows for abortions up until the point of fetal viability. And the furthermore permits a decision to be made between a woman and her doctor pending her health and safety, is at risk. Or the viability of the child. Those are the conditions here and we should not allow for that to be changed or altered according to Republican talking points.”
Rose also told News 12 that he does not support President Joe Biden running again in 2024. He doesn’t think former President Donald Trump should run again either.

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