Emerald Gem Exchange shop offers healing and crystals for Brooklyn residents

As News 12 celebrates Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we're checking out the Emerald Gem Exchange in Brooklyn.
Sheltered from the hustle and bustle of Dumbo, the South Asian-owned shop on 145 front street specializes in gemstones, crystals and healing.
Though it's filled with glimmering gems and sparkling crystals, Emerald Gem Exchange and its owner provide much more than retail therapy.
"People come here looking for something. We are all looking for something, but subconsciously they're not aware of it, so once they come in, we usually guide them," says shop owner Siva Muthiah.
Muthiah says he opened the shop about eight or nine years ago after a previous life in finance and it has been a family business since 1978 with another location in Manhattan.
He helps customers by asking a simple question - what do you want? If they're open to it, he'll recommend a stone that aligns with their desires.
"A crystal, a gem that energy to you, in order for you to receive the energy you subconsciously crave. This is not a religious store. This is about energy and spirituality," he says.
He says customers that arrive search for all kinds of things, even wedding rings and custom jewelry. He seems to have a gem for every color of the rainbow from rose quartz to jade to fit the bill.
Muthiah, who grew up in Sri Lanka and Singapore, says at the end of the day, it's about making people happy.
Emerald Gem Exchange is open seven days a week and also offers Feng Shui and energy cleansing.