Enough is Enough rally calls for more counselors instead of officers

Protesters chanted for more counselors not officers in Cypress Hill Wednesday at the Enough is Enough rally organized by a team of local organizations. 
They say they held the vigil to commemorate the lives of black Americans who were killed by police in the U.S. 
The demonstration was put together by Coalition for Community Advancement, Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation, North Brooklyn YMCA, United Community Centers, CHLDC Future of Tomorrow and more. 
They presented a list of seven demands for what they’re calling fundamental changes to end police brutality. 
Among those demands - they’re calling for an NYPD hiring freeze, divestment from the police department and investment in community programs in black and brown neighborhoods, and more transparency into police misconduct.
They say they’re already celebrating a win with the repeal of  50-A. 
They’re also calling for the resignation of Police Commissioner Dermot Shea. 
Demonstrators say they believe making these changes will lead to a more just police department.
Many of the demonstrators were young, in their late teens and 20s, and they're from the community.
They say Cypress Hills and East New York have really been impacted by police brutality over the years and that  it's important for them to speak out.