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‘Excluded’ workers rally across Manhattan Bridge for job loss protection

The “excluded” include freelancers, self-employed workers and undocumented workers.

News 12 Staff

Mar 6, 2023, 5:41 PM

Updated 498 days ago


Many so-called “excluded workers” are demanding access to funds if they lose their jobs, like anyone else would. Now, they’re calling on elected officials to step in.
The “excluded” include freelancers, self-employed workers and undocumented workers.
According to rally goers, these workers aren’t eligible for any kind of monthly compensation should they lose their work. But now they are fighting for just that and rallying in support of legislation called the Unemployment Bridge Program.
Perhaps symbolically, the rally started on Bowery and made its way over the Manhattan Bridge.
The program would set aside roughly $500 million for the excluded workers if they were to lose their source of income. Organizers say there are bills on both the state Senate and Assembly floors that haven’t reached a vote.
The workers marched together with labor unions, community leaders and supporting organizations. 
Other states such as Colorado have passed similar legislation. In New York, organizers say 750,000 people would benefit.

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