Exclusive: Brooklyn father details how woman ranted about Hitler before spitting on boy

A woman allegedly launched into an antisemitic rant in Brooklyn before spitting on a young boy.
Marine Park father Aryeh Fried says his 8-year-old son was walking with his siblings on Avenue P near Coleman Street Friday afternoon when a woman spit on him. Surveillance cameras captured the incident. The NYPD's hate crimes task force is investigating.
News 12 spoke with the father.
"She yelled something along the lines of, 'Hitler should have killed you all,'" Fried said.
He says his son responded.
"My son responded that I'll save my little sister," says Fried. "He's obviously got a little spunk to him."
That, he says, is what triggered her to stop in her tracks, and the video shows she walks back up to the three children.
"She was already about halfway down the block, came running back and spat in his face and said, 'I know where you live, and I'll make sure we get you all- kill you all next time.'"
Police say the incident happened around 12:30 p.m. Fried says a neighbor saw the whole thing.
"He was there - he saw it. Said that she actually looked like she would have done more, but she saw him and stopped," Fried said.
The kids walked away unscathed, but it's the woman's words that left them unsettled.
Posters are now up throughout the neighborhood as police continue their search for whoever did this.