Experts give tips for Stalking Awareness Month

Although Stalking Awareness Month is coming to a close, stalking is still a major concern for millions of Americans all year long.
According to the Stalking Resource Center, stalking is a crime that has an estimated 7.5 million victims across the country each year.
Leah Scondotto of Safe Horizons, a safe haven for stalking victims, says the first step in safety is planning to share personal stalking experiences with as many people as possible, including family, friends and employers.
Scondotto also recommends keeping a log of all unwanted encounters. She says writing down dates, times and locations of each incident is a great way to document the situation to later show law enforcement.
Another tip is to keep records of all texts, emails or any other type of communication coming from a stalker that could be used to build a case against them.
Experts say getting law enforcement involved is the best way to stop a stalker.