Explore the 67-acre park and mansion in Tarrytown known simply as Lyndhurst

Whether it’s exploring more than a century of history or basking in the greens, there is something for everyone on this Road Trip: Close to Home to Lyndhurst in Tarrytown.
About a half mile south of the Gov. Mario Cuomo Bridge lies the sprawling 67-acre park and mansion known simply as Lyndhurst. "It really is about the architecture and the architect -- and it's very original, we have all of our 67 original acres going back to 1838," says Lyndhurst executive director Howard Zar.
There is so much to explore, but first, you should check out the historical building.  "There's a basic tour that takes you to two floors and shows you about 14 rooms of the mansion, and we have all the furnishings from Lyndhurst going back to the 1830s," says Zar.
From living spaces, to the kitchen, to the attention to detail within the mansion - every inch you lay your eye on has a story in itself.
It’s all laid out to bring you back in time, to how life was like back in the early 19th century. 
Next, explore the grounds! While you walk around, be sure to check a bowling alley inside one building.  It isn’t used as one for the public anymore, but the fourth owner of this property wanted to build this to provide not only a sport for men, but for women too. 
What’s really interesting is that the building also doubled as a sewing school to give women opportunities for economic equality.  
Along your walk, you’ll also notice the rose garden. It’s a beautiful area to walk through and, quite literally, stop and smell the roses. 
Right next to it, you'll see the frame of the greenhouse made in 1881. 
Today, it no longer serves as a greenhouse, rather, it’s an historical artifact showing the very first metal-framed greenhouse made in the United States.