Family accuses Mott Haven funeral home of mishandling loved one's body

A family rallied outside of a Southern Boulevard funeral home in Mott Haven Sunday over the alleged mishandling of their loved one's body.
The family of Zulma Cedeno Leonardo says the Ortiz Funeral Home mishandled her body so badly that she was hardly recognizable at the viewing.
"They opened her casket and I couldn't believe my eyes, she was bleeding through her ears, her hair was misplaced," says one family member.
The 59-year-old passed away from cancer last week and her family says what was supposed to be a proper farewell turned into the shock of their lives.
The family is considering legal action against the Ortiz Funeral Home. They are also asking for a law to be introduced in Leonardo's name that mandates all funeral homes to properly refrigerate bodies.
They tell News 12 that other people have come forward saying their loved ones were also mishandled by the Ortiz Funeral Home and that it has yet to issue an official apology.
News 12 reached out to the funeral home for comment.