Family takes care of dog abandoned in cold weather in Throggs Neck

A family is taking care of a dog that a man was seen on camera abandoning in Throggs Neck.
Surveillance video shows a man in a ski mask pull the dog out of his truck and drop it off on the side of the road before driving away.
Jeannie Powers and her family eventually saw the dog at the end of the block. Powers says the dog was shaking in the cold weather.
“She was freezing cold, and she was looking for somebody,” Powers says. “She was barking, just non-stop…she put her paw in my hand, and then she was just so good, so friendly.”
Powers, already a dog owner, fed and bathed the dog and searched through social media for any information they could find on her.
The family, who has named the dog Baily for now, says they've reached out to police in hopes of getting more information.
“The dog was so thin, that's what has me worried,” Powers says. “How long was the dog away from the owner?”
Bailey is currently with Powers’ downstairs tenant. While there was a no pet policy in that apartment previously, she says she's willing to waive that for Bailey.