Father and son locksmith team merge old, new techniques

A father and son are merging classic, handmade locksmith techniques with new technology.
Phil Mortillaro says the day will come when he will hand his Greenwich Village locksmith shop to his son, Phil Mortillaro Jr.
"When I opened up this shop I was his age, you know, and now I'm this age. He brought a new perspective to the business. I don't know half the stuff he knows about the electronic end of it and the computer end of it," says Phil Mortillaro.
When it comes to doing things by hand, Phil Mortillaro, of Greenwich Locksmith, has been opening locks and keys for as long as he can remember.
His son has brought technology into the business, and now they are able to make digital keys for any apartment complex.
Phil Mortillaro says that despite the new technology, he doesn't need machines and still believes the old way is still best.