Firefighters bring safety lesson to the classroom in Brownsville

The FDNY Fire Safety Education unit headed into the classrooms Friday at Brownsville Ascend Charter School to help prepare kids in case of an emergency.
Second-graders learned the ins and outs of fire safety and about who to call when there is a fire.
"The number is 911," says second-grader Kasen Smith.
The kids also learned that if their clothes catch fire they should stop, drop and roll.
Darrel Patterson, of the FDNY, explained to the kids that firefighters often respond to things like medical emergencies and car crashes in addition to fires.
Patterson explained to the kids how to prevent a fire from starting.
"They may not understand how dangerous matches and lighters can be because they see adults use them all the time," says Patterson.
The students also learned about the importance of having working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
"When the cold weather comes, the windows are shut tight and if we have a carbon monoxide incident it can be very deadly," says Patterson.
Patterson also says families should have an escape plan and practice with their kids.
FDNY officials say they have been to more than 200 schools to talk about fire safety this year.
The school says it's happy to partner with the FDNY.
"Just to give our children some more information about fire safety and for them to know what to do in the case of an emergency," says Coelette Martindale, assistant principal of Brownsville Ascend Charter School.
The school says it hopes to have the FDNY back to visit more of the kids in the future.