First lady Jill Biden visits Bronx school to get feedback from faculty on return to in-person learning

First lady Jill Biden made a special trip to a Bronx school Wednesday afternoon to meet with teachers and staff about how the school year is going so far.
Biden and the deputy secretary of education were accompanied by Mayor Bill de Blasio, Schools Chancellor Meisha Porter and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for a conversation with teachers and staff in the library at P.S. 83 in Morris Park.
Biden asked the teachers for feedback on returning to full in-person learning after being mostly virtual last year.
The first lady also reflected on her own experience teaching during the pandemic and swapped stories and classroom ideas with the Bronx educators.
Biden discussed how important the social and emotional learning piece has become for the 1 million students in the New York City school system and thanked them for really stepping up.
"I want to say thank you and I celebrate you all, as does Joe, because look at what you've created,” Biden said. “See how much you all respect each other, and that this is a true family."
The first lady and the teachers also discussed how much they learned from the pandemic about equity in learning and how they're working to make things better than ever.