Fitness Face-off Winner: TCK Mixed Martial Arts

Fitness Face-off Winner: TCK Mixed Martial Arts

A mixed martial arts class in the borough took the number 2 spot in News 12's Fitness Face-off challenge.
TCK Mixed Martial Arts on Webster Avenue teaches students both discipline and how to defend themselves.
Students say it's no surprise martial arts was voted one of the Bronx’s favorite types of workouts. 

The school is led by Jadi Tention, a seventh-degree blackbelt who has been practicing martial arts for more than 30 years.
"It took me all over the world. My mother put me into it and it allowed me to be social, it taught me teamwork, responsibility, goal setting. It taught me how to win. How to lose. That when I startsomething, I learn to finish,” says Jadi Tention.
He says what's taught here is what you could call practical, modern martial arts. 

"It's like a way of life for me. I use this to fix every problem in my life, whether it's physically if I'm completing strategy or if I'm dealing with something like a separate issue. What can I do to overcome that issue,” says Jadi Tention.

Overcoming issues is what TCK Mixed Martial Arts is all about. 

"There are several ways to win a fight, the first one is to avoid it."

A fun workout that puts you face to face with the competition.
TCK Mixed Martial Arts offers classes for children, teens and adults.