Follow-up investigation from DOB reveals deeper issues at Bronx building

The building at 1210 Croes Ave. is owned by the same landlord from the Billingsley Terrace collapse.

Heather Fordham and Adolfo Carrion

Dec 29, 2023, 3:09 AM

Updated 201 days ago


Tenants at a Soundview building connected to the Billingsley Terrace collapse earlier this month raised concerns about the condition of their building.  
After receiving an initial inspection, those tenants requested a follow-up, saying it did not look closely enough at some of the issues. The Department of Buildings returned to conduct a second inspection and has since handed down more violations. 
The building at 1210 Croes Ave. is owned by the same landlord from the Billingsley Terrace collapse. David Correa, the tenant president who has lived there for over 30 years, walked with DOB inspectors to point out cracks in the building that haven’t stopped growing for decades.  
Additional violations have now been handed down to the owners for failure to maintain the interior walls of the building, among other problems. The DOB says that these violations do not compromise the structural integrity of the building.  
"It took that tragedy for this to happen for them to come around,” said Correa. “Now the DOB sees the seriousness though, the seriousness of these problems.” 
A partial vacate order is still active for balconies on one side of the building, and the DOB says it could be up to three months before that vacate order is lifted.  

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