Food pantry in the Bronx tackles food insecurity, calls on community for volunteers

An organization in the Bronx is fighting against food insecurity, and it's all out- of-pocket for the act of giving back to those that need it most.
The Albanian American Open Hand Association has provided fresh food for the Parkchester community for the past 10 years, with hundreds of residents lining up for food every Thursday and Friday.
In January, the organization's van broke down, but since then they say they've back in business.  
President Aleks Nilaj says the community's involvement could move mountains. 
"People need it they have no food, no jobs, and you see everything prices going up and these people have no income. All the kids, it's sad to see the kids and old people going home, going to sleep with no food and empty stomachs," said Nilaj.
"There are people that live on the street that depend on this food you know to get them by," said community advocate Bobbie Brooks.
If you or someone you know would like to donate or volunteer, click here.