Fordham alumni seeks to provide internet to households that want it

A Fordham alumni is looking to give back to the Bronx by putting an end to the digital divide.
Marlin Jenkins is the founder and CEO of Neture, whose goal is to ensure that every household that wants internet can have it.
He says the goal started when he was outside a Bronx library and overheard a little girl crying to her mother that she couldn’t finish her homework at home because they didn’t have internet.
About a year ago, Jenkins’ team was awarded a grant by Nos Quedamos, a community development corporation in the South Bronx.
Nos Quedamos tells News 12 that they have been collaborating with Jenkins to provide free Wi-Fi in some select spaces, free access to an internet-enabled local resource portal for those who live in networked buildings and low-cost broadband service for those who live in networked buildings.
They say the goal is to get the program up and running in the next six months and continue to expand.
Jenkins says the ultimate motivation for ending the digital divide is to ensure that families can always connect to education, government and healthcare.