Fordham business district says retail theft is a big concern despite drop in shoplifting

The NYPD says its crackdown on shoplifting is working, but one of the Bronx’s busiest business districts says they’re still very concerned about the current state of retail theft. 
Fordham Road is known for its bustling business area, making it a target for thieves – something many residents who spoke with News 12 agree with. 
“We saw a decrease of about 4,500 shoplifting complaints both on the misdemeanor side and the felony side. And what we also saw was an increase of over 3,000 arrests,” said Michael Lipetri of the NYPD. 
The NYPD’s top brass attributes the crackdown on shoplifting to more shop owners reporting these cases, but also to a change in strategy. 
“We really identify… where can saturated foot patrols affect communities,” said Lipetri. “We really look at a lot of street crime, shootings, robberies, things of that nature.”
Another area the NYPD wants to tackle – organized retail theft, which includes reselling stolen merchandise.