Fordham Houses tenants say list of issues includes outdated mailboxes, no heat

Some residents in Fordham are not receiving their mail, and they say building management is ignoring their calls to fix the issue.
Tenants at the Fordham Houses say having outdated mailboxes is just one problem on a list of issues.
Councilmember Ritchie Torres has been on board trying to help residents with things like rodent problems, no heat or cold water and now outdated mailboxes.
For the past two weeks, the president of the tenant association of the building tells News 12 people have had no choice but to head to the post office to get their mail.
She says in December they were given notice that their mailboxes needed to be changed to follow new regulations. The question these tenants have now is why management hasn’t fixed the problem.
Torres claims he has tried to talk to the landlord one on one, but claims the landlord either avoids it or doesn't answer.

At this point they say they are hoping legal action gives management a wake-up call.