Fresh Air Open Spaces program expected to serve nearly 200 campers in Pelham Bay Park

A free outdoor educational camp is expected to serve nearly 200 campers in Pelham Bay Park this summer with COVID-19 safety measures in place. 
With the closing of summer camps due to the pandemic, nonprofit organizations City Park Foundation and Fresh Air Fund joined forces to give kids an opportunity to have some fun. 
The Fresh Air Open Spaces Program will teach campers about the environment and how to exercise their bodies, which directors of the program say is crucial for kids during the pandemic.
"I wanted to come because I wanted to be outside,” said camper Juel Brown. The 12-year-old is just one of the 20 campers participating in the program. 
"It's a safe, fun open space for kids to run around, do sports activities but also environmental education stuff,” said community outreach manager Daniel Hernandez. 
The program requires campers to wear masks at all times, and their temperatures are taken at the start of the day. 
Campers are provided with a bag of equipment only they can use, which is sanitized before and after camp. 
"Safety of the kids is paramount at all times,” said Hernandez. 
Some of the activities campers can expect are yoga, golf, soccer and environmental education like bird watching and learning about plants and endangered species. 
Camp leaders tell News 12 that campers should expect new exercises and activities every time. 
The program provides camp Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. until Aug. 21 for ages 12 to 15.