‘Friends of Pelham Parkway’ says NYCHA complex to blame for litter

The “Friends of Pelham Parkway” volunteer group is working alongside NYC Parks to keep the area clean.
Roxanne Delgado, who founded the group, believes the mess is coming from the NYCHA’s Pelham Parkway Houses located just across the street.
“Unfortunately, we are picking up a lot of their mess,” she told News 12.
She says that once litter is on the parkway, it’s the NYC Parks responsibility to clean it up. The group has stepped up to help out.
NYCHA says its staff has worked on cleaning up the area, and that they will continue to monitor it. It also added that garbage and trash on the sidewalk is not from the Pelham Parkway Houses.
According to NYC Parks, the parkway is cleaned at least three times a week. They say there is a history of illegal garbage dumping along Pelham Parkway and that they will continue to address any complaint that they receive.