Fusion Academy students speak with NASA space crew

NASA’s space crew from Expedition 65 joined a video call with students, sharing with them their goals as astronauts, offering advice and answering questions. 
Fusion Academy offers a unique one-on-one learning experience for students in the heart of downtown Brooklyn and was one of a selected few school that received the opportunity. 
“I was an education expert and assistant researcher for three years in a program called CCRI which stands for Climate Change Research Initiative at NASA GIS and through that I was able to build connections not only with other scientists within the community, but also with the community itself,” says science department head, Elizabeth Sebastian. 
News 12 is told that the students were left feeling inspired after having the opportunity to speak with the astronauts. 
“It showed me that there’s a real final goal to work towards, something that I can strive for,” says student Luke Pietrzak. 
The teachers hope that the experience will influence their students to continue to be rising stars and maybe one day have the opportunity to explore the universe themselves.