Gang expert offers inside look at Trinitarios gang in ‘Junior’ testimony

Leandra Feliz had to bury her head in her hands in court Friday to avoid watching a 22-minute video compilation that showed the chase and fatal stabbing of her son, Lesandro “Junior” Guzman Feliz.
Prosecutors hit the jury with the video after NYPD gang Detective Charne Jimenez gave them an inside look at the Trinitarios — the gang accused of murdering Junior last summer on a Belmont street corner with knives and machetes.
Jimenez said that Diego Suero — who is awaiting trial — was the first boss or “Duarte” at the time of Junior's death. He says Frederick Then — who is also awaiting trial — was second in command.
Prosecutors say Suero ordered the hit on the sunset chapter of the Trinitarios the night of Junior's murder. Prosecutors say Junior was mistaken for a rival gang member.
Defense lawyers cross examining Jimenez said members of the gang are harshly disciplined if they do not follow orders. News 12 legal analyst Chris Carrion says the defense is trying to remove culpability from the defendants by establishing that they were under duress to commit the crime.
Prosecutors responding to that argument using witness testimony of the NYPD gang expert to point out that gang members are made aware of the violence they may have to commit before they officially become part of the Trinitarios.
The gang expert also testified that if a member became a “snitch” – “That person is to be murdered on site.”
Earlier testimony revealed Kevin Alvarez, Michael "Sosa" Reyes and alleged leader Diego Suero all cooperated with police.
The trial resumes Monday.