Going the Distance: Training your inner voice

Running a marathon is not only physically demanding, it's even more mentally demanding.
As News 12's Jessica Cunnington trains to take on this year's New York City Marathon, she's learning to find and train her inner voice to help push out any negative thoughts.
Dr. Simon Rego, the director of psychology training at Montefiore, is a 'master' of the mind - the mind being a big part of training or running a race.
"There's the physical requirements that you have to get up to speed on, which take time and a toll on you," says Rego. "But then a large percentage of what people have to really struggle with in the actual runs themselves are how to maintain their inner voice or their self-talk."
So if you're on the fence about starting to get active, running or even just walking, know that you can do it. Think positive -- it's all in your head.